Single Ply PVC

Single Ply Polyvinyl Chloride products are a thermoplastic membrane with excellent weather resistance, flexibility and tensile strength. A PVC roofing installation is able to withstand the elements and provides a watertight seal across the rooftop with the use of heat-weldable seams.

Benefits of Single Ply PVC Roofing

One important factor to consider is the installation of PVC roofing over compatible substrates. The PVC can migrate or move if installed directly onto asphalt or another anchoring material. PVC makes a great choice for projects in which chemicals may be present on the roof and also has excellent wind resistance.

Typical installs come fully-adhered or mechanically-fastened. The membranes have a range of widths between 6 and 18 feet, and the wider options produce less overlap, with less chance of leaks. Contact C.L. Burks to learn more about Single Ply PVC roofing and whether it’s right for your next project.