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Atlanta Commercial Roofing Company C.L. Burks’ History

Founded in Atlanta in 1982, C.L. Burks Construction has served as the Southeast’s leading commercial roofing company for more than 30 years. Like our projects, C.L. Burks was built on quality. It is our quality and our dedication to providing long-lasting roofing and waterproofing, that sets us apart from the rest.

C.L. Burks has grown its business over the years, from simply serving the residents of Atlanta to serving big-name customers throughout Georgia, Florida, Puerto Rico and surrounding Southeastern United States areas. Thanks to a proven track record, and our commitment to superior customer service, our clients have trusted us with their large roofing and construction projects since 1982 — and we’ve never let them down.

Fast forward to 2016. C.L. Burks’ foundation of quality remains strong, as other facets of our business have flourished because of it. Our clientele has widened, our real-world experience has grown exponentially, we have added new services and we now have new technology that allows us to serve our clients better than ever before. The principles of our business remain the same, yet our growth never stalls.

C.L. Burks has led the roofing industry in the Southeast for years, serving businesses in countless industries — and we plan to continue for years to come. Are you ready to experience the dedication, attention to detail and quality work that C.L. Burks provides? Take a look at what we can do for you here, or give us a call today to get started!

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