find roofing contractorsWinter is here and with a barrage of tough weather comes a barrage of building maintenance issues. Large commercial buildings are especially vulnerable because they don’t receive the level of meticulous care that people give their own homes. Plus, it’s cold out and who has time for that?

Luckily, it’s easy to find roofing contractors, and periodic commercial roof maintenance will help your business stay covered for a long time. Here are some things to look out for and, if caught early, could save you from a pricey roof replacement.

Watch Your Drainage
A “flat” roof is meant to factor in drainage capabilities, so it’s not truly flat. It rises a quarter inch every twelve inches, giving some slant, but it is still prone to drainage issues. Angled roofs do a little better against snowfall, but on a flat top, you run the risk of roof leaks. When the snow melts, if the roof doesn’t drain well, you’ll find parts where water gathers (ponding). These are places that are the most likely to have leaks. If not quickly taken care of, you may see roof damage, multiple leaks, and interior water damage. 

Clear Your Roof
Commercial roofs are huge! They also don’t get much attention in the way of caretaking, so stuff gathers atop of them and causes problems. In fact, a good deal of drainage problems and damage have solely to do with miscellaneous debris accumulating on your roof, thus causing blocked drain systems and functional/cosmetic damage. Clearing your roof of pesky nonsense like that will help you avoid damage and see potential problems that might’ve remained hidden.

Call The Pros
We don’t expect you to get on the roof of your building and repair it yearly. You’ve got a business to run. Trust the professionals to do repair work, but always be vigilant. Pay attention to what your roof looks like. When it’s inspected or repaired professionally, meet with them and listen to their assessment. They’re the people who will help your roof live a long life.

Find roofing contractors who will help you look after the longevity and caretaking of your roof. It’s easy to let these chores slip through the cracks, but if you let them slip too long, those cracks become leaks and you don’t want that!