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In contrast to new construction bids, in the reroofing market the lowest price is not always the key to success. Quality, service, and longterm performance are the factors that attract reroofing business. And to a firm that is revamping its business practices, this can be a real blessing.

Reroofing is always needed. Like sheetrock, lightbulbs and other important building essentials, roofs are always wearing out and needing to be replaced.

Another item that is important to remember is that not all roofing systems are well suited to reroofing projects. Simply because a contractor has experience with a few systems does not mean that those products can be installed on every job.

At C.L. Burks Construction, we plan carefully to determine what roof system is applicable to your situation.

Contact the professionals at C.L. Burks Construction to determine which system is best for you.

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