Roof Maintenance

When it comes to saving money on roof repairs, the first place to start is with roof maintenance services. C.L. Burks Construction provided reliable and trusted roof maintenance services for both industrial and commercial properties. We perform diligent roofing maintenance services to help you save money and avoid costly roof repairs. Count on our experienced roofers and our capable team to deliver an uncompromising standard of excellence for all of your roofing needs.

Roofing Sheets & Coatings

The least expensive, traditional roofing coating is asphaltic roofing coating. This type of coating is comprised of asphalt in the form of a cutback solvent and it is also availably emulsified in water. The coating works to protect the roofing underneath and keep it safe from wear and tear. Asphalt is very susceptible to ultraviolet (UV) radiation and doesn’t last forever. A more durable but costlier option is aluminized asphalt. This option is inherently reflective and is an oil-based coating.

At C.L. Burks Construction, we offer a wide range of additional roofing coatings and sheets including aged modified-bitumen roofing (MBR), and traditional BUR systems. We also offer the new single-ply systems, polyurethane foam, and MBR sheets. With regular maintenance using these materials, the need for compete re-roofing is eliminated.

Advantages of roof coatings

One of the primary advantages of roofing coatings is that roofs can be coated over again without increasing the load on the roof. The coating can be formulated in white which offers many benefits including increasing the roofing life by reflecting UV rays. In addition, with a white coating, the surface of the roof remains cooler which decreases the need for air conditioning indoors.

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