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Data Center Roofing Contractor

Data is critical to every organization. Companies spend billions of dollars every year building and maintaining state-of-the-art data centers. If data centers don’t have absolute protection and assurance from exterior elements, they will be unable to operate. A critical component in ensuring this protection is a reliable roofing system installed by a reputable and qualified data center roofing company.

Your data center roof protects millions of dollars of assets which include:

  • Systems that provide uninterrupted power, including UPS  systems and generators.
  • Environmental systems which control the conditions of the building. This includes equipment like heat exchanges, turbo cooling and air conditioning units.
  • Servers and hardware which store and operate invaluable company data across the world.
  • Security systems
  • Complex telecommunication equipment
  • Automatic fire control and extinguishing systems
  • Control stations and much more

It is imperative any roofing application for data centers protects against external factors such as:

  • Weather, including wind, hail, rain and heat
  • Chemicals
  • Foot traffic from maintenance and security professionals
  • UV rays from Sunlight
  • Humidity and moisture

For more than 30 years, C.L. Burks Construction has provided expert roofing services to clients throughout the southeastern United States, including various data centers. Our long list of satisfied clients like Google, Amazon, and more.

We possess unique knowledge about the roofing a data center and understand the needs challenges of installing and repairing this type of roof. We understand your business and we know what it takes to properly safeguard your facility, your assets, and your workers as we provide best-in-class roofing services.

From value engineered roofing systems that will protect your facility for years to come to preventative maintenance programs ensuring your buildings maintain a watertight seal, we offer a full battery of expert roofing services. As we perform work at your facility, we pledge to implement the very strictest biosecurity measures with little or no disruption to your operations.


The C.L. Burks Difference

  • Mitigate operational disruptions We work around you and your schedule to ensure minimal disruption to normal business operations. For 24-hour data center facilities, we are able to complete all types of roofing work, including labor-intensive projects like full roof replacement, with zero downtime for your company. 
  • Cleanliness The C.L. Burks team prides itself on exemplary care, caution and cleanliness. We fully understand the delicate environment of a data center facility and will employ best practices when it comes to bio-security and sanitary concerns. We believe our cleanliness is a direct reflection of our professionalism. 
  • Safety Assessing and mitigating the risks that accompany large, complicated projects is a specialty of ours. We adhere to all industry-mandated safety compliance requirements. Protecting your workers and your inventory is a top priority. 
  • Discretion We are sensitive to the pressures faced within data centers and we understand that discretion is paramount. It is our priority to safeguard your company in every way, including from a public relations standpoint. Nothing is more important to us than the welfare and full satisfaction of our clients. 
  • Documentation (tracking & reporting) From project inception to completion, our clients receive detailed and timely progress reports throughout the roofing process. We will provide photographs, status updates, and any pertinent details you should be aware of.

Looking for a Data Center roofing contractor? C.L Burks is your answer.

CL. Burks Construction operates as a full-service firm with a dedicated and fully trained staff. Our services include:

  • New Roofs & Re-Roofing 
  • 24/7 Emergency Roof Repair 
  • Value Engineered Roofing Systems 
  • Authorized Applicator For All Major Manufacturers 
  • Built-up, Single-ply, Modified & Metal Roof Systems 
  • Roof Deck Replacement 
  • Waterproofing 
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