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Elvaloy KEE

Elvaloy Ketone Ethylene Ester Terpolymer is a roofing resin designed by DuPont. Elvaloy KEE is used as a constituent in roofing compounds. By mixing it with a rigid material like PVC the resultant compound is both tougher and more flexible.

Benefits of Elvaloy KEE Roofing Resin

Products made with Elvaloy KEE are lightweight and offer great protection against water and chemicals as well. The thermal characteristics of these products mean a hot-welded seam will have the same characteristics as the membrane itself, so there are no torches or adhesives to an install.

In older buildings Elvaloy KEE membranes make ideal roofing options, because they can be laid over the existing roof structure without a difficult removal process. They are also excellent for buildings with irregular roof lines, where lots of variation creates challenging and uneven surfaces. Elvaloy KEE membranes can be placed over these variations and hot welded for a great seal. For more information please refer to DuPont’s Elvaloy KEE product overview.

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