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Single Ply EPDM

Single Ply Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is a single-ply material used in many low-slope roofing materials. The advantages of EPDM roofing are low costs, a relatively easy install and cleaner work with no toxic fumes as heat is not needed to bond the membrane to the substrate. This type of roofing is ideal for projects where a quiet construction environment is important, such as hospitality or condos.

Benefits of Single Ply EPDM

EPDM comes in both regular and reinforced varieties, and because it is a rubber compound it can also be bought cured and uncured. Thickness ranges between 45 and 80 mils, with the most common thicknesses ranging from 45 to 60 mils. The product is stable, resilient and resistant to both fire and UV light. If the underlying roof structure of a building is sound it can be added over the original roof to create a more secure and stable surface.

The versatility of Single Ply Ethylene Propylene Diene MonomerĀ is its greatest strength, and it remains the number one choice for many contractors doing roof replacement or repair. To learn more about Single Ply EPDM and whether it’s right for your project, contact C.L. Burks today.

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