Careful attention to providing a safe project environment is at the forefront of these projects. As an occupied building, C.L. Burks Construction plans and implements procedures that inherently eliminate business interruption. This provides the client with little or no need for operational changes associated with Hospitality projects.

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The C.L. Burks Difference

  • Mitigate Operational Disruptions
    We work around you and your tenants’ schedules to ensure minimal disruption to normal business operations.
  • Protect The Best Interests of The Tenants
    We understand that your tenants are a top priority. We always make it part of our responsibility to protect the interests of your tenants.
  • Safety
    Assessing and mitigating the risks that accompany large, complicated projects is one of our specialties. We stay a step ahead when it comes to safety, and maintain any safety compliance claims needed.
  • Cleanliness
    The team at C.L. Burks prides itself on providing the utmost care and caution for your facility, contents and safety. We believe our cleanliness is a direct reflection of our professionalism.
  • Documentation (Tracking & Reporting)
    From inception to completion, our clients receive detailed and timely reporting to track the progress of the project. We’ll provide photographs, status updates, and any pertinent updates that you should be aware of.
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Maintenance & Repair

C.L. Burks Commercial Roofing has a Maintenance and Repair Department with a dedicated and fully trained staff.

  • Advanced training and experience in repairing built-up, modified, single-ply and/or metal roofs
  • Able to tailor services, reporting manner and format to meet customer's needs
  • Management team and technical support provided when a customer is faced with a 'repair or replace decision'
  • Timely response during emergencies, such as storms or fires

Not only do we provide traditional maintenance and repair resources for you, but we also stay up to date with the latest technology to provide you with solutions at your fingertips.

Access all of your facilities. Search, filter, sort, map & report data at a push of a button.

Allows you to get service you need fast.

Allows you to compile budgets, repair expenses & customizable reports that export to Excel.

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