Roofing Installation

C.L. Burks is the Southeast’s premier commercial roofing contractor. That’s how you know our installation services are elite. Our roofing installation teams are efficient, punctual, and courteous, providing you with premium customer service as we install your building’s brand new roof.

We specialize in roofing installations for a variety of industries, including condominiums, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, retail, and more. Our more than 40 years’ experience has afforded us unmatched expertise and versatility to ensure the success of any project for any client.

We help you select your roofing system

The expert roofing professionals at C.L. Burks are trained to recognize and select the most effective and reasonable roofing system for your building, and we tailor our installation process differently for each system. Our available roofing systems include:

Built-up Roofing Systems
Elvavoy Kee
Modified Bitumen
Single Ply EPDM
Single Ply PVC
Single Ply TPO

C.L. Burks is your trusted source for roofing installation

Contact the trained professionals at C.L. Burks today to request a quote or to ask about our roofing installation services. We are dedicated and motivated to provide you with reliable roofing and top-tier customer service.

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Not only do we provide traditional maintenance and repair resources for you, but we also stay up to date with the latest technology to provide you with solutions at your fingertips.

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